Why is our Honey so Different?
Our Process:"What Makes our Honey so Different?Our Process: We believe in old fashioned honey production which means straight from...
Courses & Workshops
Our public courses and programs are held at our eco-friendly, off-grid educational center/honey house at our honey bee farm...
Nucs + Bees
  Nucleus Colonies with deGroot Bees: Available the last weekend in May to July. Our nucs are four frames...
School Tours & Programs
Beekeeping Courses and Programs for Eastern Ontario:   JUNIOR BEEKEEPING PROGRAM: Our love of beekeeping and harmonizing with the...
Where You Can Find Our Products
                BARRY'S BAY: ♦Pantry Savings Health Food Store 55 Bay Street, Barry's...

About Us

Established in 2006, deGroots Farm activities, services and programs include:

  • providing classes, courses and seminars to the Upper Ottawa Valley and Eastern Ontario regions since 2006
  • Upper Ottawa Valley’s largest queen producer and nucleus/full hive producers
  • protecting native wild bees
  • growing and raising honeybee colonies for sale
  • growing Zone 3 deGroot queens for sale
  • educating and providing awareness-training of the decline of native bees
  • delivering apiculture conservation-based programs to schools and community groups
  • creating and sustaining partnerships with various community groups and organizations to promote the positive health of our environment and communities
  • hosting community beekeeping events to strengthen opportunities for scientific research in Ontario and Canada

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A Journey to Save the Bees

A Journey to Save the Bees

deGroots Apiaries/Farm • Saturday, April 27, 2019
Beekeeping is what we do, raising honeybees is our business.
Thirteen years ago our hearts led us on this journey to restore, clear and cultivate our land in the Wilno Hills. Determined to harmonize with nature, we employed and devoted our lives to farming, beekeeping and community partnerships. The first day I became a beekeeper I instantly became overwhelmed by how corrupt the beekeeping industry had become. From legal additives to imported honey, such as white sugar and corn syrup, to pesticide, herbicide and neonicotinoid chemical sprays applied to cover crops, killing off and destroying thousands of Ontario bee colonies every year. Ontario now imports on average 60 percent of all bee colonies — used for crop pollination purposes — every year. That number has doubled since the 70’s due to all the neonicotinoid chemical sprays used on crops. I knew instantly I wanted to become a strong force against these beekeeping practices and become an advocate for encouraging communities to backyard beekeep to promote the renewal of Ontario honeybees. The vision we hold so dear to our hearts is one we will be perpetually pursuing for many years to come — to help maintain a balance between man and nature, rejuvenate and restore our land, nurture and protect native plant and wild bee species. The business of de Groots Apiaries/Farm is to supply our communities with hardy, strong zone 3 nucleus bee colonies, raw local honey, hive products (local pollen and beeswax) and organically grown vegetables. Please contact us via email with inquiries regarding the purchase of nucleus bee hives, raw honey, local pollen, farm produce and products.