2023 Nucs and Bees


Please note: These are live bees you will be transporting, be prepared to place them in a cool, well ventilated area during transport. Do not place in back of pick-up trucks due to high volume of air flow and uncertain weather conditions unless you are prepared to cover and secure your nuc.

Loss of life due to overheating is at your own risk. It is up to you as the Beekeeper to decide how best to transport your bees and to do it in such a manner as to ensure your bees health and well being.

Live bees are to be installed as soon as you can and once left our farm, are in your care. We do not ship nucleus colonies. Nucs are to be picked-up at our bee farm in Wilno, Ontario.

We are a registered Ontario Queen & Nuc producer and have our bees inspected regularly for all mites, diseases and other bee ailments. We have strong, beautiful, clean bees and they are 100% locally raised in the remote Wilno Mountains & Hills. 

!!!!Buy with Confidence!!!