deGroot’s Queens


We’ve been raising our Zone 3 Ontario queens from our overwintered deGroot bees for many years. We choose our strongest stock with select genetic traits from our Apiaries in which to breed our queens. This ensures our queens have a strong select genetic disposition.

Our bee farm works in conjunction with the tech transfer program thru University of Guelph and Ontario Beekeepers Associations to produce the highest quality queens in the Upper Ottawa Valley, Hastings Highlands, Laurentian and Madawaska regions.

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Genetic traits of deGroot’s queens:

  • High over-winter survival rates
  • Rapid spring build-up
  • Mild temperament
  • Produce high yields of honey
  • Fast comb-builders
  • Extremely hygienic

Please note: We require two days to prepare your queens for travel. We do not ship queens. All queens are to be picked up at our bee farm in Wilno, Ontario.