Healing Propolis Gift Set


This gift set is a rare set of propolis creams, salves and soap made from our Wilno bees. Our healing propolis salve is our #1 best seller we’ve been making for years and our customers swear by the high amount of propolis and beeswax in this cream for skin issues such as dryness, eczema, psoriasis and inflamed skin conditions. Propolis is made by the bees from all of nature’s different sap flows such as milkweed, evergreens and conifers. They collect the sap that these trees and plants produce to heal tree wounds. The bees take this resinous sap back to their hives, mix it with bee spit and wax and coat their hives in it to prevent bacteria and spores from growing in their hives. We harvest this propolis sustainably, make a very strong oil with it and add it generously to our propolis products.  A beautiful gift set for yourself or a loved one. Buying this set saves you $5.00 off our individual prices, a good deal!

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