School Tours & Programs

Beekeeping Courses and Programs for Eastern Ontario:



Our love of beekeeping and harmonizing with the land, inspires us to teach children the importance of honey bee Apiculture, teaching workshops and hosting education field trips for schools on our honey bee farm.

Our elementary school programs and courses are held from May to September at our bee farm and education center in Wilno, Ontario.

We spend the first half of the day in the education center/honey house discussing honeybee colony maintenance, brood patterns, pest and disease management, disorders of the hive, swarm control, division of colonies, biology of honeybee races and wild native bees, pollination concernment, successful diversified farming layouts, soil biology and environmental awareness.

We’ll take a short break for lunch and afterwards continue our course. We will then divide the group into 2. One group will accompany a professional Beekeeper into the bee yard beside our Educational center for a first hand experience and observation of real live honeybees and the workings of a beehive.

We provide all necessary safety equipment for each student and any accompanying adult supervisors. We have all our bees inspected and certified and take the up most precautions regarding safety.

The second group will accompany the hands-on Beekeeper/farmer for group tours of our bio-diversified gardens both flower and vegetable. These diverse pollinator gardens feature an assortment of native flowers, herbs, grasses, honey bee flowers and several bee hotels that support wild bees. Students will get to plant their very own pollinator flower seeds/plants to impact the importance of involvement in protecting the environment. This will engage students and help to enhance learning about nature and pollinators.

Goals and learning experience of the program:

To introduce youth to the world of honeybees and the role of the Beekeeper.

To educate about the process, biology and importance of honeybees and other pollinators.

To encourage an awareness of environmental protection, thru hands-on tours of our bee yards, diversified flower gardens and honeybee cover crops to aid our fruit and vegetable production.

  • This Educational program is aimed at ages 8-12 years old. Please contact us for more information on large group sizes. We accept home-school groups of a minimum 15 pupils. Please contact us for more information on group sizes, prices and registration.

Register today by contacting us at: degrootsfarm@gmail.com613-401-2749