Complete Honeybee Hive & Equipment (sold out)


This single hive is the equivalent of 2 Nuc’s worth of bees. Non-refundable as we create an entire full colony for you. The total cost of the single deep hive is $400 for 2024.

What is Included:

  • 1 Laying Zone 3a deGroot Queen
  • 6-7 Frames of Brood, Eggs, Honey and Pollen
  • Bottom Board
  • 1 deep Brood Chamber
  • 9 or 10 Deep Frames
  • 1 Inner Cover
  • 1 Galvanized Steel Lid

The equipment on these hives are used + inspected equipment. The equipment itself will last for years to come, yet it is in used condition. These colonies are Production Ready Hives. ¬†They will be treated for varroa mite. Pick up of hives is best done in the evenings so we can scheduled a pick up time on the pick up date you select. The hive will be closed up and secured by us. However once the live bees leave our property it is your responsibility to keep them alive and not overheated. On the back of a pick-up truck is best where you can secure them down with ratchet straps so they don’t bang around the truck bed.

We are a certified Ontario Honeybee Queen, Nucleus and Colony Producer.

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June 23rd, June 30th


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