Spring Soap End Sale (sold out)


Spring Soap End Clearance Sale is Here!!!

I’m a big believer of zero waste when it comes to soap making and to hold true to this, every year I have a huge soap end sale in the Spring. It’s once a year and these soap ends are gone within about an hour and a half. I’m always surprised at how many people love these soap ends. They may look a little crooked, but are made with the exact same, high quality ingredients such as Coconut Oil, Shea & Cocoa butter, Vitamin E, Earth clays, roots and herbal oils. Very high lather and nourishing skin ingredients.

There’s lots of new soap varieties that I made this year included with these ends, such as my new Spring soaps: Black Rose, Mountain Rain, Lilac, Hempseed & Lemongrass and Blood Orange & Patchouli. Every bar of our soap has our Wilno Hills beeswax, which makes the soap hard and long lasting.

Each bundle has 4-5 different soap varieties. The sale is $7.50/bundle or 3 bundles/$20, same price as last year. That’s 70% off my regular soap prices!

There’s honestly about 30 different varieties here and if you get the 3/$20 I’ll do my best to include as many different varieties as I can for you.

All my soap varieties are listed on our website, so when you get your soap ends you can look at the soap page to see what varieties you got.

Happy Spring Everyone and thank you for choosing my work ☺️

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1 bundle : $7.50, 3 bundles: $20


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