Why is our Honey so Different?


We believe in old fashioned honey production which means straight from the hive to the jar with natural and minimal filtering. Our honey is extracted thru a cold-processed slow method, which means no heat is involved during our extraction. We’re connected to our production at every stage ensuring that the highest quality of care goes into producing and packaging our honey.

What makes our honey different? Location, location, location.

All of our bee yards are situated in the Wilno Mountains where there are no large agricultural crops due to the mountainous rocky landscape, making our honey pure wildflower bush honey. Our honeybees live in the heart of wildflower meadows, natural growth forests and organic farms. We purposely situate our bee yards in diverse forest/wildflower settings in the surrounding hills and mountains (natural habitats) which yields many different kinds of wildflower honey. We micro-manage our hives to get many different flavors of wildflower honey thru-out the season.

There are no agricultural industries within a 30 km radius of our bee yards, making our honey clean and pure with no chemical residues from sprayed canola, soy or corn crops. This also ensures a diverse and healthy diet for the bees, giving them access to a wide range of native plants, forest flowers and wildflower nectar keeping them healthy.

We are always looking for new locations to situate our expanding bee yards where our bees will thrive. Please contact us if you wish for us to keep bees on your property.

What does Wilno Mountain honey taste like?

Our honey is comb-ripened and renowned for its floral layers and soft bouquet of the wildflowers from which it comes from during the harvest season. Wilno mountain honey is as pure, raw and delicious as honey gets.


Would you like to carry deGroots Apiaries products in your store?

Would you like to have our honey bees on your property?

We are always looking for new locations to retail our honey and hive products. Contact us today!

We are always searching for land to situate our expanding bee yards on where our bees will thrive. Please contact us if you wish for us to keep bees on your property.

Click here to ask us about buying our honey, or call us at 1-613-401-2749.

✔ All-natural
✔ Raw and unpasteurized
✔ Local to Wilno, Ontario
✔ High in antioxidants
✔ Powerful phytonutrients and enzymes
✔ Contains local pollen
✔ Helps relieve seasonal allergies
✔ Antibacterial
✔ Soothes cough, sore throat and digestive conditions


Local, raw honey contains the pollens and nectars that are closest to you. Which helps with combating seasonal allergies.