Lotion Bar: Wilno Mountain Rose & Vanilla


“Truly an amazing soft, sensuous & romantic scent.”

Made with beautiful, nourishing and healthy natural ingredients that leaves skin soft, silky and smooth. This bar has an authentic lovely, gentle scent of rose and vanilla thats subtle, yet noticable. Made with our lovely Wilno beeswax & rosehip oil that’s high in vitamin C which helps keep skin soft and nourished. Made with plant based and sustainable ingredients. One of our most popular scents hands down. This product is unique in it’s design because it comes in a bio-degradeable push up tube. So when finished, leaves a zero land fill footprint.

100% Canadian company. Hand made sustainably in small batches.

High quality beeswax from our beautiful honeybees.

No fragrances, synthetic ingredients, chemicals or other harmful agents. 100% all natural-all the time.

Earth friendly & eco-friendly.

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