Propolis Tincture


The bees make propolis from nature’s sap flows such as cedar, spruce, balsam, milkweed and conifers. They take this sap back to their hives and mix it with bee spit and honey to create a substance called propolis, then they coat their beehives in it to prevent bacteria and spores from growing. Propolis is renowned for it’s anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties making it a powerful ingredient in our propolis tincture. Use 4 drops internally to ease sore throats or externally to aid regeneration for skin irritations.

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1 review for Propolis Tincture

  1. Ela Glinka

    I am looking for the cleanest propolis tincture. I know your bees are in the possibly cleanest area of Ontario.
    Are their honey and products untreated?Sometimes honey and products state on the jar “treatment free”.

    • Samantha

      We use no chemicals on our bees and up here in the Wilno Mountains & Hills, there are no large agricultural cover crops such as in Southern Ontario. There’s no canola, or soy or large agricultural corn fields, where you will find they spray. Yes, as clean as it gets up here.

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